TTC Handicapping System

TTC Handicapping System

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Season IV Teams


red98sethuthut (Captain)

With the Captain from Buffalo and the other three members of the team either originally from Ohio or currenly residing in Ohio it made sense for this squad to have a Buckeye-themed team for Season IV.  Three of the four members are considered elite tappers.  One member is coming off an MVP season.  The newest member of league has proven himself in live tournaments and online.  

Jedi Arrow Tricks

MattyD (Captain)

The Jedi Arrow Tricks has two of Tecmo's elite tappers as well.  Arncoem may be the best there is at the moment.  This new weapon looks to bring a final draft pick for this team some magical FORCE. The Jedi have a strong east coast representation, making this season very regional.  Look for big numbers and statitics from this team all season.  New comer Stalltalk is a seasoned addition and has also proven himself at live tournaments.   

The Reapers

D.T. (Captain)

Quite possibly the best assembled talent from the draft on paper are the Reapers.  Bigmv54 has won the past two TTC Super Bowls.  Coconuts622 has won several live tournaments and finished well in each of the previous three TTC Seasons.  Bradbears81 is bound to have some Tecmo luck go his way after some bad luck last season.  Can D.T. and the rest of the crew reap the Tecmo souls of the other two teams?  Only Season IV will tell.